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Encore Technical Staffing, LLC
1134 Crane St Suite 216
Menlo Park CA 94025 USA

tel 650 599 9903

fax 650 599 9904

650 599 9903


Encore Technical Staffing, LLC


At Encore Technical Staffing we take pride in our ability to precisely match the stated needs of our clients. We feel confident that any candidate that we place will be a valued member of our client's team and will be a direct reflection of what our client has ordered..

Encore was founded with the goal of maximizing efficiency and minimizing overhead. For an example of minimizing overhead, take a look at the address on our letterhead: our offices aren't at the most glamorous address in Silicon Valley, but we've taken the saving from choosing a lower profile office and we've passed them on to our clients and customers. We won't skimp on technology or paying for the best talent, but by minimizing overhead wherever we can without affecting our performance we've been able to beat the market in pricing while outbidding them for available product.  Back when real estate was going through the roof in Silicon Valley, we were one of the early innovators of the Virtual Office.    We've been written up by  a local newspaper and interviewed by the BBC for our pioneering in the industry before it was a widely accepted practice.

As for efficiency, Encore is built around the knowledge that technical staffing has dramatically changed in the past  years, and continues to do so at an alarming speed. Staffing companies are spending less time building proprietary databases and more time mining the ultimate database: the Internet. Our processes are focused on riding the wave of technology to maximize efficiency.  And we've been riding that wave since 1998, come good times and bad.

......Providing precise matches to our clients' job requirements is the single most important part of the staffing business. We are committed to providing our clients only with candidates that they would hire: if not it is simply a waste of our time and yours. To ensure that we provide only great matches for our clients' requirements we have developed solid processes that help us evaluate which candidates to present to you.  

Our Job Order forms have been designed  to provide our recruiters with a detailed description of the job requirement.  Additionally, we encourage our Account Executives to put clients directly in touch with the recruiters so they can hear first hand the needs of the client.

Working from the Job Order form and the results of their conversation with the client, our recruiters use cutting edge tools to begin their search for the perfect-fit candidate. In addition to our extensive internal database of precisely coded consultants, we use the latest technologies to comb 'cyberspace' for all available candidates that match the requirements.  

There is no technical substitute for the human aspect of recruiting. We are not in a 'match-the-dots' business of finding candidates. Our recruiters are highly experienced at placing mid and high-level technical contractors throughout the US. Our staff utilizes the tools of technology to aid them in their recruiting process, but they rely on their knowledge, instinct, and experience to properly evaluate the suitability of each candidate.  


Encore is  a  Microsoft Partner

One of the original  founders of Encore was one of the early Novell Enterprise Certified Network Engineers (CNE/ECNE/MCNE) with over 25 years  IT experience

Encore:   more than just 'staffing',  as usual

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